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Kelly and Andy

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Hemming is 6 months old!

Our sweet boy is growing up so fast! He is 6 months today, and it has flown by! Just trying to hang on to these next few months of "babyhood", it will be gone before we know it! Happy, happy 1/2 birthday little one!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Boys!

Okay, so I am about to be an obnoxious mother (not the first time!). These pictures of Drew and Hemming hugging each other just make me melt! I can't help but smile when I see them together, being STILL and SWEET to each other, it is very rare that Drew will interact with Hemming so patiently! You can see how Hemming just loves Drew, and wants to touch him and hug on him all the time. Drew on the other hand seems to always be on to something more exciting than tolerating his little brother. I feel a twinge of sympathy for Hemming's plight as the Little Brother, knowing he will spend most of his childhood wanting Drew's attention and looking up to him. That sweet baby smiles every time he lays eyes on Drew, he already knows how special his big brother is! I really do thank heaven for these little boys!

The Williamson and Farrar Boys!

We went to Jackson, MS last weekend to see our good freinds, Katy and Clint Farrar. Between us we had 4 boys in 26 months, so there was a lot of testosterone involved in our visit! This was the first time Drew and Hemming had met Baby Baker- they were so excited to see him and his big brother Anderson! Here are a few pictures from the weekend, as you can see they are the best of freinds!

Anderson, Baker, Hemming, and Drew

Anderson Farrar, Max Hutchinson, Crew Hassel, Drew Williamson, and Barton Lampton

I think some football games in The Grove are in their future since ALL of their Mommies and Daddies went to Ole Miss!

Poor babies, the little brothers were relegated to the end of the table by themselves at dinner

Baker and Hemming with a few minutes of quiet solitude while their big brothers napped!

5 1/2 Months!

Hemming has had a very busy month! He started saying "Da-da" (all day long!), has started rolling over, and has found his feet, which means they are usually in his mouth! It has been so sweet to see him blossom this month and learn so many new "tricks"! He is just a precious angel, smiling and talking all the time! I am more in love with him everyday (as ALL parents are with their little ones!) and we are so enjoying his happy and content personality, he is a BLESSING!

Rolling over and chewing on my toy!

Happy boy!

I love playing with the toys on my Jumperoo!

This is the teething face I make when I suck on my lip

Trying to sit up on my own, looks like this will be my next "trick"!