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We've created this blog so that our friends and family can see what Drew and Hemming have been up to and see how much they've grown! Thanks for looking and please visit often!


Kelly and Andy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Pictures

My sweet sister sent me some pictures of Drew from the last couple of weeks, he is getting so big! He has no concept that he will soon be joined by a little brother, but walks around saying "baby" all the time. Clearly he is hearing about the baby on a regular basis! He has moved out of the nursery into his "Big Boy" room, but is still in the crib for now. We thought that might be too much transition all at once! Anyway, we're just enjoying these last 2 weeks with Drew before our next little blessing arrives!

Drew at the pool playing catch

Drew and Grandaddy-
his favorite playmate!

Drew drinking his first milkshake
(thanks to Aunt Kristie)

More milkshake!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stolen "Stuff"!

We have had a terrible time these last few weeks keeping up with our things, or rather with other people TAKING our things! Our i-pod was stolen out of my unlocked car at my parents house- oops on our part, Andy's car was broken into (window smashed) and his golf clubs were stolen, and I left my camera in a drawer in the beach house we rented at Watercolor. It was taken by one of the housekeepers within 24 hours- before we could get someone back in there to retrieve it!

Anyway, especially bad timing with the camera since we are having a baby in 2 weeks! I'm guessing there won't be anymore pictures on the blog until the baby comes, we are so excited and will definitley have a camera (borrowing at the very least) to document the new baby and his big brother!