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We've created this blog so that our friends and family can see what Drew and Hemming have been up to and see how much they've grown! Thanks for looking and please visit often!


Kelly and Andy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More 4th of July Pics...

Blowing Bubbles!

Take this thing off of me!

Relaxing in the lake

Playing in the pool with Uncle Chad

Having a snack!

Happy 21st Aunt Kristie!

Aunt Kristie celebrated her 21st birthday on July 4th. She brought her boyfriend, Cameron, along with 6 other friends up to the mountains to help her celebrate. We were so glad to be included in the festivities, the only thing that was missing was Aunt Rachel!

Aunt Kristie, Drew and Rosie

Kristie and her cute friends

Kristie and Cameron

4th of July

We spent July 4th in the mountains with my family. We went to a 4th of July carnival that night with all kinds of games and of course, fireworks. Drew had a ball and even won a few "prizes"! He stayed awake for the fireworks and was very excited to watch all of the loud "lights"! Daddy did most of the chasing Drew around since I am not as quick on my feet these days! I did a lot of watching and got the sweet job of cuddling with him when he finaly wore himself out.