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We've created this blog so that our friends and family can see what Drew and Hemming have been up to and see how much they've grown! Thanks for looking and please visit often!


Kelly and Andy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 weeks old!

Hemming is 4 weeks old tomorrow, and is doing great! He has slept through the night the past 2 nights (8 and 9 hours!!!) and is getting chubbier every day! Drew has been so good, still pretty indifferent towards Hemming but very tolerant of his new little brother. Having 2 has been a much smoother transition than we thought, so much so that we decided to go to Oxford last weekend and brave The Grove with both little ones! We had a great time other than experiencing the Rebels embarassing loss to Vandy, and both boys were well behaved- whew! Below are some pictures from the last few weeks, including Drew holding Hemming's hand- the first sign of affection he's shown towards him, haha!

Bed Time!

Bath Time!

On my way to my first Ole Miss game!

On my way to my second Ole Miss game!

Holding hands, so sweet!!!