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Kelly and Andy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

GREAT Grandmothers!

Hemming and Drew are fortunate enough to have 4 great grandmothers, and oh how they love them! 3 were here for Hemming's Baptism, and have played very important roles in both of our families and upbringings. What amazing role models these precious women are!

Granny, GiGi, and Mooney with Hemming

Hemming's Baptism

We had such a special weekend celebrating Hemming's Baptism and Andy's early birthday dinner. It was great to spend time with both of our families, we are so appreciative of them being here for this important day in Hemming's little life. Thank you, thank you to The Arnold's and Williamson's for a special day with our favorite people! Our boys are truly blessed to have your love and support!

The cake

Hemming and Granny- they share a birthday!

It took 5 people yelling at Drew to get this picture, THANK YOU!

The Arnold's

The Williamson's