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Kelly and Andy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Potty Training!

Popscicle for going potty!

Putting my sticker on the "potty chart"!

Trying to take off my underwear...he would rather wear NOTHING!

Good News! Drew got into the preschool we've been trying to get him in since we moved to Atlanta- Peachtree Road UMC! He just got in this week off of the waiting list. Bad News- he has to be potty trained by the time school starts in a month! Potty training was not even on my radar until he turned 3 in October. Nothing like an unexpected deadline to get us started! I have gotten GREAT advice from other moms and came up with a plan based on what worked for the majority of the people I talked to. I know now is as good a time as any, so we started yesterday. Here's what we're doing:

- Staying at home for 3 days straight
- No more diaper, Drew is basically running around the house with no bottoms on. Underwear here and there to get him used to wearing them.
-I take him to the bathroom every 20 minutes.
- He gets toys and candy when he goes, and a sticker for his "potty chart".
- When he has accidents he has to help clean them up.
- Pull ups at naptime and bedtime OVER his underwear so he still notices when he has an accident

So far succesful potty attempts are outweighing accidents -whew! He is great at helping me clean up, but not so great at telling me when he needs to go! Still a long way from grasping the concept and cotrolling our bladder, but a lot can change in a month! We shall see!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mountain Top

Mommy and Aunt Kristie on the lake with the boys

Celebrating Kristie's 22nd Birthday!

Daddy and Drew playing golf

Hemming looking pretty miserable in his life jacket

4th of July

We're Back!

Well, my last post was over 3 months ago. We have only been home for 3 weekends in the last three months! We have had a great summer, but that pace has just been too much with 2 little ones that need their own beds and a routine! We got back into town 2 weeks ago and it has been so nice to be home. We've definitely missed the comforts of home after being on the go all summer! After getting un-packed, cleaning, and just catching up in general we are back on a good schedule and "back to reality"!

This reality equals 2 sick little boys with ear infections and fevers. Yes, you have heard of many of these episodes if you look at this blog regularly, and TUBES are the next stop for both boys! Hopefully our fall will be a lot "healthier" and less busy. 16 ear infections between the 2 boys in the last 10 months has made life crazy, and just uncomfortable for my sweet little guys. Looking forward to getting them healty, and thankful that our ears are our biggest health concern!

Here are some pictures of our most wonderful and fun summer yet!