Welcome Friends!

We've created this blog so that our friends and family can see what Drew and Hemming have been up to and see how much they've grown! Thanks for looking and please visit often!


Kelly and Andy

Monday, May 19, 2008

At the lake in Jackson, Mississippi

We spent last weekend in Jackson with our sweet friends, The Farrar's. Katy and I took Drew and Anderson to the lake to see their friends Max Hutchinson and Sydney and Josh Scruggs. As you can see, they had the best time playing together! If you're wondering why there are no daddies in these pictures it's because they're on the golf course, surprise, surprise! Mommies and babies had a great time and plan to let the dads pay us back very soon!

Kicking my feet in the water
Taking a break in the sand with Max
Digging with Anderson

Playing in the lake!

I love Max's turtle float!
Flirting with Sydney!
Getting a push from Sydney

Home from the lake

Drew and Anderson after the lake and a good long nap!
Bad hair day!
Worn out after a long weekend with all of my little friends!