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Kelly and Andy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Big 3-0

Well, the 30th Brithday has come and gone, and I hardly even thought twice abot leaving my 20's behind! It was a wonderful decade in my life, I graduated college, got engaged, then married, and had 2 precious baby boys, just to name a few. On the otherhand, I am leaving my 20's with a little less fashion sense, even less sleep, a little more babyweight, but with a life MORE wonderful than I could have ever dreamed of! I guess that's why the transition has been so seemless- no complaints about being where I am! Well, maybe about the extra pounds, but such is life after 2 babies! Looking forward to my 30's and a new decade with my precious boys and amazing husband!

Getting ready for dinner

Birthday Dinner at Cafe 30-A

Clay, Sheri, Me, and Andy

The Williamson's, Hutchinson's, Farrar's, and Scruggs'

Me and Unce Brett

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Jeff and Wendy said...

Wow! Kelly your family is stunning! Beautiful boys and you look better than ever. I used to work for Alan at Wade Ford and I found your blog and could not believe it! Brett, Kristie and Chad are all grown up. It is so nice to see all of you and that you are happy and with family!!

Take care and tell your family I said hello!

Take care,
Wendy Izenour (Wallace)